FanDuel Review

FanDuel is a top Daily Fantasy site that all players should join. It’s the largest site and probably the most well-recognized name for new players. Before we get into our full FanDuel review let’s take a look at the quick summary:

  • Website:
  • Best New Player Bonus: Use promo code GET200 for 100% Bonus up to $200
  • More Players Than Any Other Site
  • Largest Overall Prize Pools
  • Clean, Simple Interface Makes It Easy To Get Started
  • New Promotions Added All The Time
  • Satellites to Huge Live Fantasy Events and Trips
  • Official Mobile App for iPhone, Mobile Site for Android

Team TDF started playing on FanDuel after we first played on DraftKings. We were drawn in by the huge number of players and the resulting incredible prize pools and tournaments. We love how easy it was to get started on FanDuel and to this day find it so easy to get our lineups in and ready to win the most money in Daily Fantasy.

Design and Ease of Use:

FanDuel Lobby
FanDuel Lobby

We’ve already touched on it a bit above, but there’s no way around it: FanDuel has a clean interface that makes it easy for anyone to use the site. Beginners will certainly appreciate the fact that you won’t need an instruction manual to make your way around the site and figure out how to enter your lineups and contests. Advanced players will love how easy it is to put in multiple lineups. Once they enter a competition they might even appreciate how many newer, less experienced players seem to hang around on FanDuel compared to some other sites.

Let’s start out by taking a look at the main lobby. The lobby is well-organized and easily customizable. The left column of the lobby allows you to view all sports or sort it by one sport at a time. You can also narrow it down by game type, and buy-in range and the start time of the tournament. When you put all of this together it makes it incredibly easy to find exactly the type of game you want as fast as possible. The lobby also contains four options at the top that will always be available at the top of the page and make it so you can’t get lost on the site:  Lobby (to return the main lobby at any time), Upcoming (view all of your tournaments that haven’t started yet), Live (head here to keep track of any and all lineups you have in progress) and History (review your past contests and see if you’ve won money). I know this sounds boring, but when you’re constantly going back and forth between lineups and editing everything, many times at the last minute before a game is about to start, site navigation like that can really make a difference.

FanDuel Lineups
FanDuel Lineup Creation

The lineup creation screen continues the theme of easy simplicity seen elsewhere on the site. The page contains the players you can draft in a way that you can sort the players first by position, and then by other details such as salary for that day or average fantasy points. Instead of viewing the entire selection of available players, you can also narrow it down to only show players from certain games that night. By simply highlighting the games you want to choose players from, you can eliminate other games that you don’t want to select any more players from. It really helps to clear up the draft process when you already have too many players from one game and you want to clear other players out, or when you are targeting players from only a specific game or two that night. While some sites remove the players from the draft area once you select them, FanDuel keeps them in and simply changes their icon from green to red to show that you have selected that player. It’s a nice graphic quick reference that can help you see where the players you have drafted stack up compared to others, and who you might be able to swap them with around a similar salary if you do decide to make a change later. When you do select a player and want to know more about them, clicking on their name brings up a full card for that player that shows a ton of useful info including player news provided directly by Rotowire, season per-game stat averages and recent game logs with full fantasy stats. You can also access the prize pool breakdown and rules and scoring for the contest you are entering right from the lineup creation so you’ll know exactly what you’re playing for and how to play before you have to submit your lineup.

FanDuel Player News
FanDuel Detailed Player Info

Live Scoring and Team Tracking:

While FanDuel has perfectly fine and accurate tracking of your own team’s points, this is an area where FanDuel seems to be a bit too basic and fails to maintain the easy functionality of other parts of the site. One thing FanDuel definitely still does well is provide a good overview if you have multiple teams entered in a contest. Through the ever present “Live” button at the top of the site, you are brought to a page that shows your current standing, current winnings and where you stand in each one of your tournaments. It’s a good overview if you don’t necessarily want to follow every point of every one of your teams, but you still want to know if you are doing well and whether you might win money.

FanDuel Live Scoring
FanDuel Live Scoring

When it comes to more detailed tracking of a single team, FanDuel has a couple of areas that could use some improvement. The site maintains good overall basic live tracking, such as automatic refreshing of your player’s stats and scores as they come in and automatic updating of your standing in the tournament. The color scheme, using green to signify a player in action and gray or white to show a player who has yet to go or already finished their game is nice and provides an easy way to quickly see how your team is stacking up so far. Beyond these basics though, things get slightly clumsy. The leader board that shows the standings for your tournament is awkwardly broken down into pages showing only 10 players at a time. You’d have to scroll through a ton of pages if you wanted to get a better idea of how the whole field was looking, When you pair this omission with the lack of search for players in the standings and huge fields with tens of thousands of people, it becomes hard to work your way around the leader board. When it comes to seeing your players’ stats as they come in, FanDuel compacts and abbreviates the scores so much in a small space below the players name that it’s hard to get a feel for their actual stats as they come in. There is also no play clock in sports such as football or basketball, just the quarter that is being playing, leaving you to wonder if there were 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter or 10 seconds. Because of these issues, a lot of times we find ourselves just giving up and looking at the players overall score without regard for what they are doing or when it’s happening. While all of this sounds like enough to make live scoring ugly, many of the core scoring functions are still there and work well – but there’s certainly room for improvement.

FanDuel Standings
FanDuel Standings

Contest/Tournament Variety:

When it comes to the sports offered by FanDuel, they offer the four major sports leagues make up the core of Daily Fantasy sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL. In addition they also offer College Football and College Basketball contests. Compared to other sites six leagues is a good number, but a few sites have expanded to include PGA Golf and/or English Premier League Soccer and that’s something we’d like to see FanDuel add in the near future.

Where FanDuel shines once again is with the variety of game types offered and the sheer number of games available. As a top Daily Fantasy site, the large-field large prize pool guaranteed tournaments are the most featured and lucrative available on the site. These include fields from anywhere around 15 people to 100,000+ and have prize pools as high as $3 million dollars on entries as low as $25 or $100k prize pools with entry as low as $2. FanDuel also offers 50/50s, Head to Head competitions and smaller field tournaments. To learn more about these different game types head over to our Daily Fantasy FAQ. Another option is the ability to create your own private contest. Not only can you select whether you want to play against anyone or just your friends, you decide whether it’s a head-to-head or a tournament of up to 20 people. In addition, you can customize the buy-in and payouts along with whether to use all of the games from that day or just the games that fall later in the day. It’s a fun way to get your friends playing and get used to how Daily Fantasy sports work without having to play with strangers or buy-in to a larger field.

FanDuel has great satellite tournament offerings that allow you to buy-in for lower amounts and qualify for their higher buy-in games and win much larger prizes than you would otherwise have been able to. There are buy-ins as low as $1 that offer you a chance to get into tourneys such as the $2.5 Million Sunday Million tournament that has a $300k first place prize. They also offer satellites to a number of live events and championships that they host at destinations throughout the world. You can win entry and a full trip to events such as the $10 Million Fantasy Football Championship taking place in Las Vegas this year, with a first place prize of $2 million and a minimum payout of $15k, along with parties and full accommodations. Similar tournaments are offered throughout the year depending on what sport is in season at the time.

Promotions and Bonuses:


FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship
$2 Million Top Prize

FanDuel has a generous new player bonus of 100% up to 200%. While some sites offer a higher max deposit bonus, the fact that it’s 100% is nice especially if you are depositing an amount below $200. As is standard with Daily Fanatasy Sports bonuses, the bonus money is earned gradually as you enter more and more contests. In other words, the amount you get in bonus is not immediately available in cash – the more you play the more bonus money is converted into actual cash that you can play with or cash out.

As we mentioned above, FanDuel hosts a number of live tournaments each year that feature awesome trips and huge prize pools. This year they have the Fantasy Football Championship taking place in Vegas as well as a Playboy Mansion promotion that included a trip to the mansion and the chance to win even more money in a DFS football contest taking place there. As for other special tournaments, they offer special larger prize pool tournaments several times during each sport’s season, as well as offering frequent freeroll tournaments giving you the chance to win prizes without putting up any money to enter.

FanDuel offers a strong refer-a-friend program that offers you a share of the entries fees from any player you recruit. That means that every single time they play on FanDuel for life you get a piece – 20% to 35% depending on how many people you refer. It’s a great way to get some extra DFS cash if you are introducing people you know to the site.

Mobile Apps + Site:

FanDuel iPhone App
FanDuel iPhone App

FanDuel continues to improve in the mobile area, and as it stands already has a pretty strong offering. For iPhone and iOS users, there is a dedicated app available in the app store that delivers a great mobile experience. The interface is slick and there’s really no features that are available on the desktop site that are lacking in the app. You can deposit, enter contests, edit and create lineups, and track teams and winnings. Users seem to agree with our praise of the app as it currently has a 4.5 star+ rating in the app store.

FanDuel Mobile Site
FanDuel Mobile Site

As for Android, or if you find yourself without the chance to download the iOS app, FanDuel maintains a great mobile website. The look and feel is great and definitely feels like you are using a dedicated app rather than just browsing their mobile website. Everything works well even when your mobile connection isn’t great. As with the iOS app, the full slate of features seems to be available on the mobile site.

Other Useful Tips:

– FanDuel has instant deposits from credit/debit cards and PayPal. You can withdraw winnings at any time using PayPal and that is processed within 48 hours. You can also request a check which may take longer since it must be sent out to you.

– FanDuel recently added $70 million in funding from sources including NBC Sports – this in addition to existing funding which was about $20 million. In addition, FanDuel has an exclusive partnership with the NBA and a number of other pro teams. FanDuel is a safe, legitimate and trustworthy site to deposit and play on.

– Keep in mind that there are minor differences on each site’s lineups for individual sports. For example, FanDuel uses a Kicker in their fantasy football tournaments while DraftKings does not and instead has a Flex position. There are small differences for other sports as well. Neither format is necessarily better or worse, but make sure you check out the lineups between the two sites and find out which site’s format you prefer.

– On FanDuel lineups can no longer be edited once the first game of that contest starts. If someone gets injured or scratched from the lineup after your contest has started they will still be locked into your lineup. This policy is different from DraftKings where you can swap out any player you want as long as their individual game has not started. As I said above with lineup differences, this is all about preference and it’s very subjective as to which option is better.

Overall 5/5:

FanDuel is a an excellent site to play on to take advantage of their huge player pools and prize pools. Their interface is generally excellent and provides everything a beginner or expert would need. We’d like to see some improvement on their live scoring section of the site, but overall it’s nothing that can really take away from a site that does so many thing rights and delivers so many great tournaments and promotions.


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