NFL Overlay Report and Week 15 Outlook

Today we’re taking a look at the overlay situation in the largest NFL Week 14 contests on FanDuel and DraftKings. Week 14 is late enough in the season that it should give you a pretty good idea of how things will shake out on the sites for the rest of the year. Let’s see the results:


$2 – $100K Play Action – 54,956 (actual entries)/57,500 (entries required to hit guarantee) – Overlay = $4,424.35

$5 – $200K Flea Flicker – 40,340/46,000 – Overlay = 24,608.70

$20 – NFL $1M Sunday Million Special – 51,313/56,700 – Overlay = $95,008.82

$200 – Sunday $300K –1,550/1,667 – Overlay = $21,055.79


$5 – $500K NFL Rush 114,942/114,942 – No Overlay

$25 – $2.25 NFL Sunday Million – 103,448/103,448 – No Overlay

$200 – $400K NFL Sunday Monster – 2,222/2,222 – No Overlay

As you can see from the results above, the results mirror some of the same observations we made when we looked at NBA overlay last week.

Once again, FanDuel delivers higher guarantees, while also managing to fill every large tournament and not offer a cent in overlay. In fact, we didn’t even bother including the largest $2 tournament on FanDuel because it was full and closed before early Sunday morning. With similar guarantees for Week 15 in the NFL, expect much of the same from FanDuel next week.

DraftKings offered some lower – yet still huge – guarantees on their NFL tournaments while providing some significant overlay – nearly $100,000 in their $1 Million tournament.

DraftKings is amping up some of their guarantees this Sunday in Week 15, including a $3 Million tournament with a $27 entry. Despite the increased number of qualifiers that will be running to these larger tournaments and the increased promotional efforts, DraftKings has struggled to fill their highest NFL guarantees all season. We don’t anticipate the $3 Million tournament will be any different, and there will likely be other large tournaments with similar overlay to this week’s group. In a $3 Million tournament especially, there could be some serious overlay. Check the lobby as Sunday approaches and be ready to enter one or several lineups in some of these contests. Keep checking Top Daily Fantasy for more overlay reports and other articles looking to give you an advantage and extra money for your Daily Fantasy play.

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